Custom Mix Coaching

Learn how to get the best results from your songs with a professional mix of one of your tracks, accompanied by a video detailing the processes applied to bring your song to its fullest potential.

Custom Mix Coaching


Do you want to know the best way to mix the songs you've recorded?

Perhaps you’ve been learning about music production with the goal of mixing your own music, but you’re not yet sure how to approach things like EQ, compression, levels, and panning to get the best results from your own tracks. Maybe you’d love to see how an experienced mix engineer would go about mixing one of your songs. So you can learn from their approach and put it into practice in your own mixes. Well, that’s where my Custom Mix Coaching service can help.

Introducing Custom Mix Coaching

With Custom Mix Coaching, I’ll take one of your songs and give it a professional grade mix. I’ll also create a custom video where I break down everything I’ve done, why I’ve done it, and the steps I took to bring your song to its fullest potential. You’ll get a proper understanding of how I approached EQ, compression, reverb, levels, panning, automation techniques, and each of the steps I took to mix your song.

By providing you with insights which are completely tailored to your own music, this is the most customized training I can possibly offer. And armed with a comprehensive breakdown of how your song was mixed, you can use this as a road map to apply the exact same processes in all of your future mixes.

How it Works

To get started, simply send me an email, and we'll discuss your goals for the mix. Following that, I'll send you a PayPal invoice along with instructions for submitting your files. From there, I'll dive into mixing your song.

Once your song is mixed, I'll send you a download link. Take a listen, and if you have any adjustments in mind, simply send me a list of revisions. I'll promptly carry them out and send you another link with the revised tracks. Need a further round of tweaks? Just let me know, and I'll take care of them.

After that, I'll create a custom video detailing the process of mixing your song. You'll then receive a link to download both your mixed song, and your video detailing the mix process. It's as simple as that.


Ready to Go Ahead?



This service is priced at just £350 GBP or $450 USD. If you're ready to go ahead and take advantage of my Custom Mix Coaching service, or if you'd like any more information, then I'd love to hear from you.