Does the EQ plugin you choose change the way you EQ music?

Does your EQ plugin change the way you EQ music?

In this video, I’d like to explore how different types of EQ plugins can influence your approach to EQing music.

Many EQs provide extensive parameters, letting you pick the exact frequency, the width of the EQ change via the Q setting, and the exact gain amount in tenths of a decibel.

Meanwhile, some plugins offer a more streamlined experience, offering only predetermined frequency options and a limited range of gain adjustments, like 2dB, 4dB, 6dB, etc.

Now, you might think more control is always better, right? Well, not necessarily! Sometimes, having fewer options can actually make EQing quicker, more intuitive, and sound better too. That’s because, in my experience, using a super detailed EQ every time can lead you to really overthinking tiny changes and granular adjustments.

Of course, there will always be times when you need to get super specific with your EQ tweaks. But often, starting with a simpler EQ and only pulling out the super specific tools when you really need them can make the whole process smoother and more intuitive.

Check the video out here.


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