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I didn't always find it easy to mix music...

Mixing LessonsHi, I'm Alex. I've been producing music for over a decade, and I hold both a BA and an MA in Music Production... But I didn't always find it easy to mix music!

For a long time, I really struggled to produce professional-sounding tracks. I recorded countless singer-songwriters and bands, but none of the mixes I produced ever sounded as good as the tracks by my favourite artists. Hours and hours of mixing just led to average-sounding results.

And yet, when I listened to music that other people had produced in their home studios, they sounded great. They sounded like they’d been mixed by a professional producer. So why didn’t mine?

I started to wonder if you just ‘have it’ or you don’t when it comes to mixing music... But now, more than 10 years on, I can tell you that's definitely not the case! So, what was it back then that prevented me from creating great-sounding mixes?

I needed the skillset to create professional-quality mixes


MixingMore than 10 years on, I can tell you that what I lacked back then was a proper understanding of the fundamental elements of a mix, like EQ, compression, reverb, levels, panning, sample rate, bit depth, and so on.

Not only did I not fully understand how these things worked, but I lacked the knowledge of how to apply these things to a mix and use them in the way that professional producers do.

Although I’d picked up countless tips and tricks, there were tons of holes in my knowledge.... I needed the bigger picture!

In the years that followed, I studied music production at University, I read books, I took courses, and I interned at recording studios so that I could learn the skill set needed to create great-sounding mixes.

Fast-forward to today, and I now teach those skills to home studio users just like you. Through this website, I help thousands of people each month to get the results that they’re looking for from their mixes... But many people have asked for more!

Introducing the Home Mixing Academy

Home Mixing Academy CourseThat’s why I’ve created the Home Mixing Academy. I’ve taken the skills and techniques that you need to know to mix music, and I’ve distilled them into an easy-to-understand and information-packed programme.

The course features demonstrations so that you can see and hear the techniques in action, and you can learn the dos and don'ts when applying these techniques to your mixes.

It’s as close as I can get to sitting down with you in your home studio, and teaching you how to mix music one-on-one.

Maybe you’re completely new to mixing, and you want to get off on the right foot. Or maybe you already produce music, but you know your mixes could sound better. If so, then this course is for you!

This course is designed to give you a proper grounding in the fundamental components of mixing, so that you can start to produce tracks which are ready for release, all from your home studio.

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EQ Module: 5 Videos

Compression Module: 5 Videos

Reverb Module: 5 Videos

Mixing Module: 5 Videos

Bonus Guide: The Top 5 Home Studio Mistakes

Bonus Guide: The Biggest Home Studio Myths

Bonus Guide: How to Optimize Your Home Studio's Sound

The home mixing Academy is broken down into 4 modules

EQ Module:

EQ Module

In the EQ module, you’ll learn about the frequency spectrum and what the role of EQ is in your mix. You'll learn the principles of the three main EQ types that all EQ plugins are based on so that you can confidently use any EQ plugin. And you'll learn how to use EQ to get the sound that you want out of vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, and drums!

Compression module:

Compression Module

Next is the compression module. In the compression module, you’ll learn what compression is, and what it can be used for in your mix. You'll learn the key parameters that compression plugins are based around so that no matter which compression plugin you use, you can achieve the results you're looking for. And you'll learn how to use compression in a mix to achieve level balance, to fatten instruments, and to make your tracks sound more punchy.

Reverb Module:

Reverb Module

Third is the reverb module. Here, we’ll discuss how reverb occurs naturally, and you'll learn why it's used in mixes. You’ll learn the characteristics of the main reverb types and which reverb types work best for different instruments and different situations. You'll discover how to use the main parameters on a reverb plugin to make your reverb suitable for your mix. And you'll learn the best ways to set reverbs up in your sessions and how to fine-tune reverbs to tailor them to your songs.

Mixing Module:

Mixing Module

Fourth is the mixing module, where you'll learn the key concepts related to mixing. You'll learn which sample rates, bit depths, and file formats to use, when you should use dither, and how to set up the routing in your session to make your mix easy to manage. Then you’ll learn the key concepts behind setting your levels, approaching panning, and how to bring your mixes to life using automation.

Comments Section:

Course Comment Section

To make this course as useful to you as it possibly can be, every video also has a comments section where you can ask questions for me to answer. So you're not alone on your mixing journey!

Mastering module (premium version only):

Mastering module

In addition to the EQ module, Compression module, Reverb module, Mixing Module, and the comments section, the PREMIUM version of this course also comes with an additional MASTERING MODULE, featuring 7 videos.

In the mastering module, you'll learn how mastering differs from mixing, and what mastering does for your tracks. You'll learn how and why to apply EQ and compression to your songs at the mastering stage. And you'll learn how to use limiting to manage the loudness of your songs. Plus, you'll also learn how to use new measurements like LUFS and dBTP to make sure that your songs are perfect for streaming. Finally, you'll learn how to create the correct files so that your music is ready for release to the world on streaming platforms, for digital download, and on CD.

This is the course that I wish had existed when I first started mixing music

Home Mixing Academy Course

This is the course that I wish had existed when I first started mixing music. It would have saved me years of bad mixes at the beginning of my audio production journey!

But at least this course is here now, ready to empower music makers like you by showing you the skills you need to create professional-quality mixes in your home studio.

To help you kick-start your journey into music production, I wanted to make this course as affordable as I possibly could. That’s why I’ve priced this course to start at just $97.

That’s less than you’d spend for one hour in a decent recording studio, less than the cost of most studio mics, and far less than you’d spend on a college course.

Instead, for as little as $97, you can invest in a training course that will set you up for a lifetime of mixing.



Imagine if your next mix stood up against the songs from your favourite artists

Imagine if your next mix stood up against the songs from your favourite artists.

You could finally release your latest track, an EP, or maybe even that full-length album you've always dreamed of.

Let’s face it, you’ve worked hard to write your songs, and they deserve a mix which does them justice.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 day money back guarantee


I’m really confident that this course will make a huge difference to you and to the songs that you produce.

That’s why I’m offering a 30-day money-back guarantee!

If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with the course, just contact me within 30 days, and I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked!

Bonus Guides

To give you the biggest head start that I can, on both the basic and premium versions of this course, you’ll also receive 3 bonus PDF guides. These guides reveal a ton of extra tips to kick-start your mixing journey and to make sure that the music that you produce in your home studio is the best that it possibly can be!

The Top 5 Home Studio Mistakes The Biggest Home Studio Myths How to Optimize Your Home Studio's Sound


Bonus Guide 1: The Top 5 Home Studio Mistakes: In this guide, you'll learn the top 5 mistakes that people make in home studios, and how to avoid them to prevent amateur-sounding mixes. (Valued at $19)

Bonus Guide 2: The Biggest Home Studio Myths: Here, you'll learn the 3 myths that have the biggest potential to hold you back in your home studio, and how to overcome them. (Valued at $19)

Bonus Guide 3: How to Optimize Your Home Studio's Sound: Finally, this guide will reveal a 6-step process to optimizing the sound in your home studio, without spending any money on acoustic treatment. (Valued at $19)

Enrollment is now open

One Time Purchase - Instant Access

EQ Module: 5 Videos

Compression Module: 5 Videos

Reverb Module: 5 Videos

Mixing Module: 5 Videos

Bonus Guide: The Top 5 Home Studio Mistakes

Bonus Guide: The Biggest Home Studio Myths

Bonus Guide: How to Optimize Your Home Studio's Sound