Online Mixing and Mastering

Let's give your tracks the polished and professional sounding mix and master they deserve


If you write your own music, then you've probably put your all into your latest tracks. Now, it's time to give those tracks the polished and professional sounding mix and master that they deserve. That's where I'd love to help.

I'm Alex, and I hold both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in music production. I specialize in online mixing and mastering services for talented artists worldwide. Whether it's a single track or a full-length album, I'm committed to delivering top quality results with a quick turnaround time and at an affordable rate.


"I love it! You’ve done an amazing job! The song has really come alive."

Ian N.



Online MixingWhen I mix your music, I combine both technical and creative skills to bring your recorded tracks to their fullest potential.

  • Typically, I start by applying EQ to make each instrument sound its best, to give each track its own space in the mix, and to create a full and balanced frequency response.
  • Compression then comes into play to achieve balanced dynamics, and to add punch or fatness to your mix.
  • Effects like reverb and delay are utilized to create space and depth, and to enhance the atmosphere and mood of your song.
  • Balancing levels ensures that each element sits well alongside the rest, while strategic panning adds width and allows each instrument to occupy its own space in the stereo field.
  • Where appropriate, other techniques and processes, such as the use of saturation, tape emulation, or analogue summing, are used to add character to your music.
  • Finally, automation techniques are used to ensure that your songs engage your listeners from start to finish.

Please note, my mixing service does not include any forms of editing such as comping of multiple takes, editing of timing, or vocal tuning. If your song requires editing, I am happy to carry this work out for you, but it is not included in my normal mixing rate. Please contact me for a quote for editing.


Online MasteringIn mastering, my aim is to take each of the songs that will appear on your release and make sure they sound their absolute best, that they sound as though they all belong together, and that they’re fully prepared for distribution.

  • Through the use of stereo EQ and mid-side EQ techniques, I create tonal balance across all tracks, ensuring they translate well across various listening systems.
  • Compression and limiting are used to achieve balanced and consistent dynamics while simultaneously optimizing playback levels across your project.
  • Various measurements are monitored to ensure optimal sound quality when your songs are streamed online, and the relative levels of songs are carefully managed to establish intentional level relationships within the project.
  • Quality control sees minor imperfections like pops or clicks addressed, and smooth fades are applied to ensure a polished listening experience.
  • Lastly, your finalized files are delivered, optimized for streaming, digital download, and CD formats - fully prepared for release.

Stem Mastering:

Online MasteringAn alternative to my normal mastering service is stem mastering. While traditional mastering applies processing to each mix as a stereo file, stem mastering offers a different approach. Instead of working with your stereo mix, you provide each group of instruments as individual stereo files—for instance, drums, guitars, vocals, etc.

The goals of stem mastering remain consistent with normal mastering, but this method allows for all processing to be applied to each group of instruments separately, offering enhanced precision, control, and flexibility compared to normal stereo mastering. Adjustments to the level balance between instrument groups can be made, and processing such as EQ and compression can be tailored to specific instrument groups without affecting others.

Stem mastering is an ideal choice if you're happy with your mix, but you want to ensure that I have the utmost control for fine-tuning and potential enhancements to ensure that we get the very best results from the mastering process.

Why choose online mixing and mastering?

A Smooth and Simple Process

Working together couldn't be more straightforward. To begin, I'll walk you through the process of what files to send and how to send them to ensure everything goes smoothly. Then you'll receive a PayPal invoice in your preferred currency for the project. Once your payment is received, I'll dive into mixing and/or mastering your tracks. You'll then receive a link to download the files. If you require revisions or adjustments, I'll carry those out for you (see more details below). After the revision process, you'll receive a link to download your final, high-quality WAV files.

Revisions Included

As a musician, I understand that entrusting someone with your songs for mixing and mastering can be daunting. That's why, when we collaborate, I offer two rounds of revisions for each mix/master, ensuring your vision is integrated every step of the way. After receiving my initial mix/master, you can send over a list of changes you'd like me to make. I'll make those adjustments and provide you with a link to download the revised tracks. If further tweaks are required, you're welcome to submit another list of revisions. I'll promptly address them and send you the final files to download.

Release Ready Final Files

For mixing sessions, your final files will be delivered as lossless WAV files, maintaining their original sample rate and bit depth. Alternatively, you can specify the file format, sample rate, and bit depth of your choice.

For mastering sessions, your final files will be delivered as lossless WAV files, with a sample rate of 44.1kHz and a bit depth of 16-bit, ensuring compatibility for digital distribution or CD burning and ready for release. However, if you prefer an alternative file format, sample rate, or bit depth, just let me know, and I'll be happy to provide this.


Fast Turn Around Times

Rest assured, I understand the importance of adhering to tight schedules. A single master can often be completed in as little as 24 hours, whilst mixing and mastering a full album can often be turned around within a week. However, the delivery timeline for your project will always be discussed and agreed upon in advance to ensure it aligns with your schedule, and I'll keep you updated throughout the process.


Audio Examples

One of the most important considerations that you can make when hiring someone to mix and master your tracks is whether their style of mixing is right for your songs. Here are some examples of music that I've mixed and mastered.

"Reach Her"

"Lovers Far Apart"

"Known and Loved"


No complicated pricing structures, I charge a simple flat rate fee. The prices listed here are in GBP and USD, but you can pay your invoice in the currency of your choice. Please contact me for a quote in a different currency.


GBP: £200 per song

USD: $250 per song


GBP: £50 per song

USD: $65 per song

Stem Mastering:

GBP: £75 per song

USD: $95 per song

Ready to have your songs mixed and mastered?

If you like what you've seen (and heard), and you're interested in working together, then please get in touch below. Or alternatively, if you need more information or more guidance on the process, then please get in touch and I'll be happy to help. I can't wait to hear from you.