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Have your tracks professionally mixed to a radio ready standard

Mixing Lessons

If you record your own music then it's likely that you've put your all into your latest songs. Now, it's time to give those songs a radio ready mix. That's where I'd love to help...

I’m Alex, and I've been recording and mixing music for over ten years. I hold both a Bachelors Degree and a Masters Degree in Music Production and I work with talented musicians to provide them with commercial quality online mixing.

With online mixing, working together couldn’t be easier. Simply upload your recorded tracks to me and I’ll mix them at my UK based studio. I'll then send you a link to download the finished tracks.

As a musician, I understand that the idea of sending your tracks away to someone for online mixing can be daunting. That's why every mix that I create includes 2 rounds of revisions based on your feedback. This ensures that the mixes sound just the way you want.

Why not check out some of my audio examples below. If you like what you hear then get in touch and let's have a no obligation chat about working together on your latest tracks.

Audio examples

One of the most important considerations that you can make when hiring someone to mix your tracks is whether their style of mixing is right for you and  your songs. Here are some of my mixes. Check them out and if you like what you hear then I'd love to work with you.


"The Story" by Joe Gilder

"Reach Her" by Scarlet Blue

"The Surface of Things" by Andy Gullahorn

"Sing Along" by Frankie Barranco

"Six Feet of Dirt" by Wendy Winkler

Hear the difference

You might be wondering what kind of a difference my mixing session will make to your recordings. The following 'unmixed' sample let's you hear how this recording sounded prior to mixing. Meanwhile, the following 'mixed' sample let's you hear how the song sounds after undergoing my typical mixing session.




(Song: "Sad Africa" by Joy Beat)

Mixing Lessons Mixing

Online mixing rates

I don't use hourly rates or complicated pricing structures. I charge a flat fee based on the number of tracks in your song. That way, you know exactly how much your project will cost up front.



1 to 8 files


Per Song

9 to 24 files


Per Song

25 to 48 files


Per Song

Up to 65 files


Per Song


Step 1 - Upload

Firstly, you'll receive a link to upload your files to my Drop Box account. In addition, you’ll receive a PayPal invoice via email to pay a 50% deposit.

Step 2 - Mixing

As soon as your deposit clears, I'll set to work mixing your tracks. Your tracks will be mixed at my studio to a professional, commercial quality standard. As soon as your tracks are ready, you’ll receive a link via email to listen to your mixed songs.

Step 3 - Revisions

If you feel that your mixes require some alterations, then send over a list of the changes that you want me to make. These changes will be carried out and you'll receive a link to listen to the revised mixes. After listening to the revised mix, you can submit one further list of changes if you require some further alterations.

Step 4 - Download

Lastly, once the second round of revisions is complete, you'll receive another PayPal invoice via email to pay the remaining 50% balance. As soon as your balance payment has cleared, you’ll receive a link to download your final full quality mixes.


Gain Staging

Gain staging for proper headroom


EQ to give each track its own space tonally


Compression for balance, energy and punch


Gating for punchy drums

Levels & Panning

Control of levels & panning for balance & width


Automation for enhanced musicality 


Creative touches such as reverb & delay


2 rounds of revisions for every song

WAV Files

Digital delivery of mixed stereo WAV files

Mixing Lessons Mixing

Ready to take advantage of our online mixing service?

If so, I'd love to hear from you. Why not get in touch and let's have a no-obligation chat about your latest songs.


All tracks should be either WAV or AIFF format and should have a sample rate of between 44.1kHz and 96kHz and a bit depth of either 16bit or 24bit.

Please bounce all of your tracks from the beginning of the song to the end of the song, even if this means including periods of silence. Doing this ensures that when all of the tracks are set to start from the same point in the session, all of the parts will play in time.

Please bounce all midi tracks as audio tracks.

All tracks which consist of multiple takes should be comped to a single take before sending. Please also ensure that all tracks are free from clipping, are clearly named, and that any processing is removed before sending (unless otherwise agreed).

You will receive a total of 3 versions of your mix. My initial mix, plus 2 rounds of revisions based on your feedback.

Mix 1: Upon receipt of your cleared deposit, an initial mix will be created and sent to you digitally.

You can then request any revisions that you would like to be made.

Mix 2: A second mix will then be created to incorporate your revisions and will be sent to you digitally.

You can then submit a final list of revisions that you would like to be made.

Mix 3: The final mix will be created to incorporate your final revisions and a PayPal invoice will be sent to you for the remaining balance. Upon receipt of your cleared payment, the final mixes will be sent to you.

(Mix 1 & 2 will have approximately 10 seconds of audio omitted from either the beginning or end of the song. Mix 1 & 2 will be sent to you in 192 kbps MP3 format. A 192 kbps MP3 file will give you the opportunity to hear how your mixes sound, but it isn’t a full quality file and cannot be burned to CD. Mix 3 will be a full quality WAV file.)

Your final mixes will be WAV files at their original sample rate and bit depth unless you request otherwise.

Upon request, I can also provide a limited version of the mix so that you can hear the song at a more commercially acceptable volume level. If you are sending your tracks away for mastering however, then it is important that you do not send them the limited version of the mix.

Yes, I can fix any timing issues that your recordings may have, but this is not included in my normal mixing rates. In order to give you a quote for fixing your recording's timing issues, I will first need to hear the recordings in order to properly assess the work required. Please get in touch for more information or to arrange a no obligation quote.

I can only accept audio tracks, so please bounce all midi tracks as audio files before sending.

Generally speaking, it is best if your tracks are sent without any forms of processing applied. That said, if the inclusion of particular types of processing are integral to the sound that you are looking to achieve, or if your tracks were recorded with processing already applied, then these tracks can be accommodated.

I'm afraid not. Sending audio files is far more efficient as it eliminates the potential occurrence of compatibility issues between sessions.

Please contact me to find out my current turn around time.

I'm afraid that vocal tuning is not something that I offer.

Nope. The great thing about online mixing is that no matter where you are in the world, you can have me mix your tracks.

Absolutely! The more info that you provide about the kind of mix that you're looking for, the better. Providing a track or tracks for me to use as a reference is really useful.