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Last Updated: 12/11/22.

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Online Courses

Our online course is sold via the Teachable platform. Our terms for courses purchased on the Teachable platform can be found here, and the Teachable platform’s terms can be found here.

Mixing Terms of Service

The mixing service offered by is subject to the following terms and conditions:

As described on the mixing page of our website, the service offered is the audio mixing of your tracks.

During mixing, your tracks will receive:

  • Gain staging
  • Equalisation
  • Compression
  • Gating of drums where appropriate
  • Management of individual track levels & pan positions
  • Automation of levels, panning & plugins where appropriate
  • The use of reverb and or delay where appropriate

Please be aware that your tracks WILL NOT receive vocal tuning, pitch correction or comping of multiple takes. Your tracks will not receive timing corrections unless otherwise agreed prior to the commencement of mixing.

Submission of tracks:
All tracks should be either WAV or AIFF format. All tracks should have a sample rate of between 44.1kHz and 96kHz and a bit depth of either 16bit or 24bit. All of the tracks should be the same length so that when each track is set to start from the same point, all of the tracks play in time. Only audio tracks can be accepted. Tracks should be sent without any forms of processing applied unless otherwise agreed prior to the commencement of mixing.


  • You will first receive a PayPal Invoice and a link to upload your tracks to our Drop Box account.
  • Upon receipt of a cleared deposit, an initial mix (mix 1) will be created and sent to you digitally. You can then submit any changes or alterations that you would like to be made to the mix.
  • A second mix (mix 2) will then be created to incorporate your feedback and the song will be sent to you digitally for you to listen to. You may then submit a final list of changes that you would like to be made.
  • The final mix (Mix 3) will be created to incorporate your feedback and a PayPal invoice will then be sent to you for the remaining balance. Upon receipt of cleared payment, the final files will be sent to you.
  • The initial mixes (1 & 2) will be ‘watermarked’ - Approx. 10 seconds from either the beginning or end of the song will be excluded from the files.
  • The final mixes of the songs (mix 3), sent after the receipt of the remaining 50% balance, will not include a watermark.

All requirements for the first round of revisions should be sent as one single list. All requirements for the second round of revisions should be sent as another single list. Further requests cannot be added after each list has been sent.

Payment of deposit & balance:
A 50% deposit is required in order for mixing to commence. Upon receipt of a cleared payment of 50% of the total cost for all of the songs in the project, the mixes and revised mixes based on your feedback will be created for each song. The remaining 50% must be paid for the final mixes to be sent. Upon receipt of a cleared payment of 50% of the total cost for all of the songs in the project, the final mixes of each of the songs will be sent.

All payments are processed by PayPal. You can pay by credit card, debit card or using your PayPal balance. PayPal invoices will be emailed to you in order for you to make your payments. There is no VAT to pay.

All songs will be sent to you digitally via a file transfer service such as DropBox. All songs for the project will be delivered at the same time during each stage of the process. Songs will not be sent individually or separate to the other songs which are being mixed as part of your project.

Delivery Charges:
There are no charges to pay for delivery.

Digital Files:
The two initial mixes of the songs will be MP3 192 kbps format. A 192 kbps MP3 file will give you the opportunity to hear how your song sounds, but it isn’t a full quality file and cannot be burned to CD. The final mixes of the songs will be sent at their original sample rate and bit depth unless otherwise requested. Your final mixes will be WAV format (which can be burned to CD).

Time Scale:
The time taken for completion is dependent on the size of the project. You will be provided with an estimated time of completion for the final mixes of all of the songs upon hiring us to mix your tracks.

In accordance with The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, contracts for the supply of goods which are personalised are exempt from the right to cancel. Because the service offered by involves the mixing of recordings of a client’s own material, the contract cannot be cancelled.

Duration of Contract:
The contract has no specific minimum or maximum duration. The contract shall remain in continuation until the delivery of the final mixes of the songs to the client. At this point, the contract shall be considered to have been fulfilled.

Fulfilling Our Contract:
It is our responsibility to supply you with goods that meet your consumer rights. In the unlikely event that you feel that we have not met our obligation, please contact us.

Complaint Handling Policy:
It is our upmost priority that you are satisfied with the mixes that you receive. In the highly unlikely event that you are dissatisfied, please contact us immediately by sending an email to so that we can work together to resolve the matter.

Alternative Dispute Resolution:
In an instance where a consumer would like a neutral third party to handle a dispute, they can use The European Online Dispute Resolution Platform: