How to get a recording studio internship or work experience placement

How to get a recording studio internship or work experience placementHave you ever thought about trying to get a recording studio internship or work experience placement? Or maybe you’ve tried, but you’ve been knocked back by the studio? Unfortunately, opportunities of this kind can be very hard to secure. Nevertheless, there is one thing that you can do that will put you at an advantage over all of the other people trying to get a recording studio internship.

Recording studio internship

I’ve been lucky enough to secure placements at several recording studios, radio stations, live sound companies etc. One of these even turned into a paid position just after I finished University.

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Work experience placements in recording studios

The way I managed to get a recording studio internship was simple. I didn’t just ask the studio for something i.e. the opportunity to come in and learn from them. That’s what everybody does. Instead, I explained that I’d like to see the recording process, and then I quickly offered them something in return! That’s because studios are often very busy places, with producers working long hours. Independently run studios are often run by either one or two people. These people often do everything them selves. This includes things like managing the diary and servicing the equipment, in addition to recording musicians. The fact is that as much as the producer may like to help you, your request is only going to add to their workload. Offering them something however, will really make you stand out from the crowd.

Music engineer internship

One thing that I used to offer was help with web design. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an expert on web design! Nevertheless, I knew enough about basic online web builders to have something to offer to busy self employed producers. Studio’s which didn’t necessarily have the time or skills to update their website them selves, really appreciated this offer.

So what could you offer? Perhaps you’re a drummer? You could offer to service the studio’s kit and tune it for their next session. Or perhaps you’re good at graphic design? You could offer to help make a promotional poster. What ever your skill, utilize it to change the situation from what they can do for you, to what you can do for them. All of a sudden, you’ll find studios inviting you in, rather than you having to ask. For me, it wasn’t long until the studio began to pay me to do these jobs.

So, when you approach a studio looking to secure a recording studio internship, let them know about your skills. Let them know that you would be happy to carry out those skills in return for a work experience placement. Trust me, it really works!


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