How to use the Pro Tools First Quick Punch feature

How to use the Pro Tools First Quick Punch feature

In this article, we’ll look at how to use the Pro Tools First Quick Punch feature to ‘punch’ into your recordings.

Punching in is a great alternative to the usual recording process. It allows you to play your session in play back mode, and then punch into record mode at any point. The moment you punch in, recording will begin.

This allows you to record at very precise moments, and unlike the normal record mode, allows you to listen to the existing recorded audio on your record enabled tracks right up to the moment that your recording starts.

The process is really easy to use, and will transform the way that you record takes.

Why should you use the Pro Tools First Quick Punch feature?

Let’s say that you’ve recorded a take, but you made a mistake and you want to rerecord just that specific part. The best way to do this is to play the session and then ‘punch in’ at the moment that you want Pro Tools First to start recording. Doing this means that you can listen to your original take in playback mode and then ‘punch in’ at the exact moment that you want your recording to start. As soon as you punch in, recording begins. The normal record mode in Pro Tools First doesn’t allow you to start recording whilst in playback mode. So using quick punch offers a solution.

(Keep in mind that you are recording using ‘non destructive’ editing. This means that you’re not actually recording over anything, you’re simply creating a new region).

How to use the Pro Tools First Quick Punch feature:

To enter Pro Tools First quick punch mode, right click the record button and select ‘quick punch’ from the drop down menu:

Pro TOols First Quick Punch - enable quick punch

Once selected, a letter ‘P’ will appear in the center of the record button:

Pro Tools First Quick Punch - quick punch enabled

Press the play button and start the session playing from where ever you’d like to listen from. Then when you’re ready for recording to begin, hit the record button. At the moment that you hit record, your record enabled tracks will start to capture signal, and the original takes on those channels will be silenced.

Its as simple as that! So now, you can punch into a recording at the exact moment that you want the recording to begin, and listen to the original take right up to that point too.

Do you think that this feature will be useful for you in your own recordings? Did you know that you could listen to a track in play back mode and then punch in to record mode? If not, will you now use quick punch in your sessions? I’d love to know your thoughts on using the Pro Tools First quick punch feature in the comment section below.

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